Friday, 17 April 2009

1. PAGE 7 Plates 1-4


Rob Davis said...

Some nice artwork and strong body language here, especially in panel one page 6. In fact page 6 is particularly good.

tempted to HUZZAH, but I wanna see someone new have a go.

Faz Choudhury said...

2 pages, you managed to get them done, top man! I agree with Rob, the body language is well observed, that first panel of 'Ratola' and the way he's holding his drink - very nice. Second panel's a doozy, great composition.

Love the viewpoint, movement and silence in the first panel of page 7. Enjoyed the dialogue throughout.

It is tempting to Huzzah again but it would be nice to have someone new get stuck in.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Excellent work, Paul.
Ditto with the face on plate 1 of page 6. Ditto with the waiting to see if anyone else will have a go. Very tempted.

D.TAYLOR said...

erm...I mean HUZZAH NOIR!!

Pan one page 7 is a doozy!

shane oakley said...

paul - they've all beat me to it, lets say i agree with all the praise, but with bells on!

paulhd said...

Thanks fellas, much appreciated.